2009 Expat Youth Scholarship Winners

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Age 12-15 Category

Julia Goldsby

First Place ($3,000)
Julia Goldsby, 12,
American Expat in Germany

Kate Telma

Second Place ($1,500)
Kate Telma, 14,
American Expat in Kazakhstan

Third Place ($500)
Athena Pierquet, 15,
American Expat in France


Age 16-18 Category

http://www.clements.com/expat_youth/scholarship/images/yichen zhang


First Place ($3,000)
Yichen Zhang, 18,
Chinese Expat in the U.S.

Second Place ($1,500) Bethany Turley, 17,
American Expat in Belgium

Third Place ($500)
Natalia Aponte, 18,
Peruvian Expat in the U.S.

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